Oil filter wrench cleaning tips for women with sensitive skin: 1.

Clean the filter well with mild soap and water 2.

Wipe clean with a cotton ball or paper towel 3.

Remove any oil with a soft cloth 4.

Wip off any excess oil with your finger 5.

Wrench down to remove the filter 5.

Wash hands thoroughly and thoroughly dry with a dry cloth or rag.


Wiping the filter wells: Use a cotton bud or cloth to wipe the filter.2.

Cleaning the filter with a mild soap: Using a cotton towel or rag, gently wipe the oil filter well to remove any residue.3.

Wipping off excess oil: Use the cotton wool or cotton cloth to press the oil out of the filter and wipe clean with your dry cloth.4.

Wiper dry: Wipe the filter thoroughly with a wet cloth or damp rag.5.

Dry thoroughly: Wip the oil-infused filter with your hand and pat dry with your towel or dry cloth to remove excess oil.

If you have sensitive skin, do not use this oil filter wrench.

Use a soft soap and warm water.