Buy the best beard oil for your beard and learn the secrets of making the best shave, said Dr. Jeffrey Schiller, a dermatologist in North Carolina who is also a certified hair stylist.

(AP) The Washington State Beard and Health Association is one of the most trusted sources of information for those seeking quality beard and body care products.

The association’s annual newsletter, which it distributes to its members, lists a list of recommended beard and skin care products that are available on and elsewhere.

“Branch out to the best brands on Amazon, or check out the beard and hair salon recommendations,” Schiller said.

“If you’re buying online, be sure to look for the lowest price, or at least try to find one with a high quality rating.”

Here are five tips for finding a great beard and skincare product that fits your needs.

For a full list of the best quality beard oil brands, including a full review, go to beard and

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