A $20,000 job in a major oil field is an eye-opening experience for many of us.

In fact, for many, it’s their first job.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 jobs in the industry that are best for oil field employees, with advice on how to save money and maximize your earning potential.1.

Oil field engineer (Bachelor’s degree required): This is a field engineer position, but the job description doesn’t tell you much.

Most people think this is a management position.

But this is actually a job for the oil field engineer, who does a lot of work on oil fields.

You will have to deal with the flow of fluids and oil that are moving across the field.

In addition to working on oil wells, this position will also be responsible for oil pipeline work and for the development of a refinery.

This job requires a strong understanding of oilfield fundamentals, as well as the art of operating in oil fields, and will require a solid understanding of chemistry and physics.

Oilfield engineers are the ones who know how to keep a pipeline running and keep it clean.

The job involves learning how to operate oil field equipment, as wells are designed to be operated and maintained in the most efficient manner possible.

It’s also the job where the oilfield engineer will have the most direct involvement with the development and maintenance of oil wells.

This position can be very stressful.

Oil Field Engineers will work closely with their supervisors to ensure that all well maintenance, pipelines, and wells are maintained in a safe, professional manner.

Oilfields are complex environments with many hazards.

There are various types of oil fields in the United States and other countries.

Oil fields have been a part of the U.S. economy for more than 300 years, and the industry is responsible for over a billion dollars of economic activity annually.

It is critical that oil field engineers be able to work effectively on an oilfield while still maintaining a professional level of knowledge and experience.2.

Oil rig maintenance (Bachelors degree required): This is the most popular job in oilfield.

The most common reason people apply for this position is to be able have more control over the oil fields they work on.

But if you want to stay with the job you love, there are many advantages to staying in this field.

You get to keep control over what goes on with your rigs, so they can be repaired and maintained as often as they need to be.

If you get a degree in petroleum engineering, this is the type of job that will be perfect for you.

The oil field rig maintenance job involves a large amount of repetitive and complex maintenance work.

You’ll have to manage multiple rigs and operate them in a variety of different environments.

This is also the type job that involves oilfield engineering, so oilfield engineers have the knowledge needed to perform this type of work safely and efficiently.

Oil rigs are not only highly complex machines, but they’re also highly specialized.

Oil is one of the few materials that is so versatile that oilfield rigs require different maintenance techniques.

They also require advanced training in petroleum engineers and have to be highly skilled in their respective fields.3.

Oil well construction and maintenance (bachelor’s required) The most important aspect of this job is to maintain the integrity of the oil well.

The construction of an oil well is the job of the most experienced oilfield employees, so this is where the work starts.

This part of this position requires a great deal of work, which is why it’s the most demanding and rewarding.

The maintenance of the well itself requires a lot more skill, and it is very important that you understand the oilwell’s operation and how it functions.

You also need to have the necessary experience and expertise to operate the well safely.

Oil wells are highly sensitive to water, gas, and seismic activity.

The drilling equipment, pipelines and wells must be able work without oil in them, which means oilfield operators must have the right equipment and knowledge to handle any situation that may arise.4.

Oil pipeline and oilfield maintenance (junior oil field technician required) This job involves drilling and maintenance on a large number of oil and gas pipelines.

The pipeline work involves cleaning up and maintaining these pipelines.

This type of jobs requires a large degree of knowledge, but it’s also one of most challenging jobs.

The pipelines are used to move oil around the world, and this is especially important because oil prices have been going up for a long time.

The more oil you move, the more energy your oilfield operations will need to use.

It also takes a lot longer to fix a problem with a pipeline than it does with a well.

As the oil price goes up, this job becomes more demanding, but oil field technicians are able to help.5.

Oil & gas equipment maintenance (minors required) Some of the best jobs in oil and natural gas can be found in