The $12,000 sensor, which measures pressure on a liquid surface, is capable of detecting a range of factors, from temperature and pressure to pressure changes to humidity levels.

The sensors are capable of sending out alerts to users when they feel they are at the right temperature.

This information can be used to monitor and warn users about any health issues, for example, when they experience a fever. 

The sensor is designed to be connected to a range to sensors such as air quality monitoring and vehicle temperature monitoring, which are both designed to monitor air quality in a vehicle, but can also monitor pressure, or water pressure, as well as the water flow.

The sensor can detect a range on a water surface from -5 to 30c (11 to 145f), and can also provide information about the pressure of a fluid that is under pressure. 

Oil pressure sensors are not new. 

In 2016, Australian researchers showed how an infrared sensor could detect the pressure level on a glass pane and calculate the pressure in a sealed container, with the help of the pressure sensors being positioned in a room. 

Other sensor manufacturers are trying to make similar sensors. 

This year, Australian researchers announced that they had made a $12K sensor that uses a camera that is mounted in a water-proof enclosure, and can sense the pressure on any surface. 

A new sensor company called Piggyback Labs has released a prototype that can measure pressure on oil, water and air surfaces. 

It is currently in the prototyping phase and has not yet received a formal manufacturing license. 

Peggyback claims it has been working on a new sensor that can read the pressure, temperature and humidity of a water tank, and is able to do this without requiring any special equipment. 

“The sensor has the advantage of being simple, portable, easy to control, and with high sensitivity, which can be useful for the sensing of the atmospheric conditions that can influence oil flow in a refinery,” the company said.

The company said it could be used in the oil-production industry as well, to monitor the temperature and flow of oil on a pipeline, for instance.