The hair products of today are all made from synthetic chemicals, and while there are some organic products made from coconut oil, many others are made with chemicals.

Here are five of the best natural products that are made using organic materials:   Bumble Bee Beauty, Full Synthetic Oil:  The full synthetic oil is the closest to the natural oil you would get in a shampoo, but the shampoo itself has a lot of added ingredients.

Bumble Bee claims that the full synthetic blend is made with “natural” ingredients, and it’s the only brand of the top ten to use organic ingredients, which they claim are “not only more natural, but more sustainable”. 

Bumblebee’s full synthetic is made from 100% organic palm kernel oils, which are harvested locally. 

Natural Products Made from Organic Ingredients, by the Numbers, 2015:  Natural products made with organic ingredients in 2015 are:  Aeropostale:  This is one of the most popular organic skincare brands, which makes it difficult to compare brands across brands, but Aeropostal is definitely a natural brand. 

 Aloe Vera:  A natural skincampre-made product, it comes in many different formulas, and most of the time you will be able to find an affordable formulation for around £3.50. 

Natural Products by Natural Ingredients, 2015  Aqua:  These are some of the easiest natural products to use, and they are available in many formulations, from the standard Aqua Formula, which contains just water and water based ingredients, to the “natural essence” formula, which uses a blend of organic and natural ingredients. 

Ampamid:  They are a family of natural products made by a company called Ampat, which has been around since the 1950s. 

 Ampamarone is a natural essence formula, but unlike other products like Aloe Vera and Bumblebee, it’s made with a blend of organic and non-organic ingredients.

Natural products made using natural ingredients in 2016:  BumbleBee Beauty:  Available in five different formulations, including a regular shampoo, a moisturiser and a foaming cleanser, this is the only product on the list that uses organic ingredients.

The shampoo itself is made by combining organic and synthetic ingredients, but the products are also made using a blend, and the ingredients are organic and nonhydrogenated vegetable oils. 

Bespoke Beauty:  The natural products made in the Bespoke brand are made from organic ingredients as well, and include a moisturising foam, a cleansing brush and a facial oil. 

Dixie Natural: The natural product made by Dixie Natural is made using 100% organic ingredients and has a range of cleansers, and is available in a range to choose from. 

Haircare Brands Made from Organics, by The Numbers, 2016: Haircare Brands made from natural ingredients are: