A new poll finds oil colours and their current popularity among Australian drinkers.

The ABC’s Oil Pastel series examines the colour palette and trends of the world’s most popular beers, spirits and wines.

It is the first poll of its kind to ask Australians what they think about the colours they are drinking today.

More than 40 per cent of respondents said they like the colours green, orange, brown and black, while a whopping 85 per cent said they are “somewhat or very attractive”.

The survey found that Australians who are predominantly green are the most likely to favour the new colours, while the trend of more “slightly” attractive colours appears to be waning.

While the poll has found that there is a preference for green over the other colours, a significant number of respondents did not feel the trend had been changed.

A majority of respondents, 53 per cent, said they were “satisfied” with their current colour palette, with 44 per cent saying they were either “not satisfied” or “very dissatisfied”.

However, almost two-thirds of those polled (63 per cent) did not consider themselves to be “socially conscious”.

The findings suggest that there are still strong, persistent social divisions between green and black Australians.

While respondents said that they like green, they were less likely to say they “like” the colour, with 55 per cent preferring the old green.

When asked about the colour of their shoes, more than half (52 per cent), said they would prefer the old white leather shoe (52.5 per cent).

Only one-third of respondents (31 per cent and 19 per cent respectively) said they had a preference between “very attractive” and “slight attractive” colour combinations.

A fifth (21 per cent or 18 per cent overall) were “not sure” about the color of their clothes.

In fact, there were some major “not at all” responses to the question, including “not particularly attractive” (19 per cent versus 22 per cent for “not especially attractive”), “not very attractive” or even “not all that attractive” colours.

More:The poll found that nearly two-fifths of respondents aged between 35 and 54 said they have a preference to “never wear a colour” or never wear a “colour combination”.

The same proportion said they did not know what they preferred.