The oil slick hair product is a hair oil that can be used on both dry and wet hair.

This hair oil has a creamy consistency and a thick oil coating that can absorb oils and oils-like-oil.

The product has a texture similar to oil and is usually used for a conditioner or for styling purposes.

You can use it as a hair shampoo or hair conditioner.

There are many variations of oil slick oil.

These oil slick hairs are usually used as a shampoo or a hair conditioners, but they can also be used as an oil-free hair product.

You should only use this hair oil on dry hair and only if you want to remove oils and/or oils-from-oil on wet hair or if you are looking for a product to replace the oil slick conditioner and/of course to use it in conjunction with the oil.

Oil slick hairs usually have a thicker consistency than regular oil slick shampoo or conditioner so you need to make sure to apply the oil with care.

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