The Oil Change Coupon is now up for sale on Amazon.

The Oil Slicker Hair Coupons are available on Amazon for $2.99 per week.

I have the Oil Slickers on hand to sell if need be.

This is a great coupon for the price.

They are a great deal, and a great price to get your hair wet!

I have used them for about a month now and have been very pleased with them.

They are not expensive but you will want to use a bit of water to keep them looking and feeling wet. 

These coupons work great for anyone who is looking to save money on their hair and want to have a better hair day.

You can also use them for other things like shampooing, brushing, or styling.

The Oil Change is an interesting offer because they are only available for one week only.

They cost $2 per week but you can get the same deal for two weeks if you buy the entire $3.99 package.

I have been using this coupon and will definitely be purchasing another one.

If you are looking to make your own oil change coupons this will be a great option.

You only need to mix up a couple different oils and add some extra water.

You should be able to use up to two different oils to get the desired results.

Oil Slicker Hairs, by The Oil Changes, is also available for $4.99/week.

I love this coupon because it is a new product and the prices are cheap.

They have a $1.99 minimum purchase to qualify for the coupon.

I used it on my eyebrows and they were looking great.

I am not a huge fan of eyebrow waxing so I am a bit wary of using this product on my brows.

The Oil Changing is a bit pricey at $2/week, but you get some great benefits including better hair quality, and an easy to follow instruction booklet.

Here is a link to the oil changing page on the Oil Changes website.

All of the above coupons are great for buying hair products or a great way to save on a great hair product.

Make sure to read the instruction manual before purchasing. 

I have also included the Oil Change coupons in my post on How To Get a Great Hair Day. 

You can also find oil changers, oil-spraying shampoo, and oil-changing facial brushes on Amazon, and oil change kits on Amazon and other sites. 

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