The best oil cleanser you can buy today may be more expensive than it appears, according to a new study by the consumer-finance company Credit Suisse.

While some people may prefer a cheaper brand, the study finds that the best oil cleansing product costs less than a $10 product. 

The study, published Monday, examined over 30 brands of oil cleansers, and found that the cheapest of the lot are $2.90 each, and a $4.70 brand cleanser.

The highest-priced brands include the $8.50-a-box Wet-n-Wild Ultra Cleaner and $19.80-a.pack Revlon’s Cleaning Lotion, both of which retail for $2,100. 

According to the study, these prices aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but they are higher than the cost of the brands’ cleansing products. 

“In the absence of significant pricing differences, we conclude that the most affordable cleansing products are those that are available from reputable companies, typically made of low-cost materials,” the authors wrote.

“While consumers may feel more comfortable with cheaper brands, they may be underestimating the cost-effectiveness of these products, as consumers will likely feel the most comfortable with less expensive cleansing products.”

The study found that only one brand, Wet-N-Wild, offers a product with an estimated retail value of more than $100,000, and only one product with a retail value that is more than a third lower than the study’s $2 price.

Wet-Cleaner is $7,500 and Revlon Cleaning Spray is $11,900, while the study found only one item with a net retail value over $10,000.

The study’s authors also pointed out that some brands offer a better deal than others, with one brand offering a $50 discount while others offer a full price.

“In general, consumers will feel more satisfied with the best cleansing products,” the study said. 

Despite the study finding that cheaper oil cleansing products are generally more popular, the authors said that it’s worth keeping in mind that these are just estimates, and there’s always a chance that the price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive products is even greater than the authors claimed.

“It is worth considering whether consumers might feel more inclined to purchase a brand of a cheaper price, which is the case in many other areas of consumer goods and services,” the researchers wrote. 

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