The Morocca Oil Pump is a great way to keep a small amount of crude oil from being stored at home.

Just add water and it will start producing oil.

In Morocco, the pump is an inexpensive way to bring up a little bit of oil from a nearby field. 

“It’s not easy to transport it, but we did it,” Mohammed Ali, a retired engineer, told IGN. 

Ali is an avid motorcyclist who has been riding the pump since 2004.

He says he was inspired by his own efforts to produce oil from his oil tank in the 1990s, which he built from scratch.

“I had a diesel generator, and I built a diesel pump with a battery pack, and a compressor, and an electric motor.

I built it with all the tools I had. 

I was doing it to try to save money, but I didn’t know how to do it properly,” Ali said. 

The engine, which had a 3,000-horsepower engine, needed to be upgraded to a more powerful 4,500-horseper-hour unit to pump oil. 

That meant building a larger oil tank and pumping more oil, Ali said, but it wasn’t a quick process.

“It took about a year and a half to do everything,” he said.

“And then after a while, the engine started to fail.”

The tank Ali built was built from 3,500 tons of steel.

That tank, which was made from 1,000 tons of cast iron, had to be filled with cement to keep it from leaking.

“I had to use a special cement,” Ali explained.

“So I used this cement to put cement on the inside of the tank, and then I added cement on top.” 

He also had to add a metal plate over the engine.

The oil was pumped into the engine with a hose from the tank. 

After a few years, Ali found the Morocco Oil Pump had become a staple of his home. 

He says that his family still uses the pump. 

“[My family] used to go to a petrol station and pump the oil,” he explained. 

As the Moroccans struggle to produce enough oil for the country’s population, the oil pump is becoming more and more popular. 

A few months ago, a Saudi Arabian company started selling a Moroccar oil pump at a special price of $1,700. 

(Click here for more on the MorocoOil pump) “Morocco, because of its high oil prices, has a huge demand for oil,” Ali says. 

This is due in part to the countrys low taxes.

The Moroco oil pump has been on sale since 2012.

Ali says the pump costs around $300 to build and is available in many different sizes and finishes. 

However, the Moroca oil pump costs more than the average car or motorcycle pump.

Ali said he had to buy a new oil tank for it. 

Morocca, where the Moroplans are based, is a predominantly Muslim country.

The capital, Rabat, is largely Muslim, and there are many Islamic schools, mosques and community centers that practice Islam. 

According to the International Monetary Fund, Moroccos government spent $3.9 billion on oil in 2014, making it the third most populous country in the world.

The country is a major oil producer, and it has been the world’s largest oil producer for the past seven years. 

Since 2011, the country has been hit hard by the ongoing Arab Spring. 

During the 2011 uprising, a massive security crackdown on protesters took place.

Many people, including Ali, were detained, tortured and even killed, according to reports. 

In 2014, a major protest took place against corruption and a lack of economic growth. 

One day in March 2014, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on thousands of protesters, who were calling for better conditions in the country. 

Hundreds of protesters were injured.

One protester died of a heart attack. 

Mohammed Ali’s family has been unable to pay the monthly rent on his oil pump.

The family has a large savings account that it has used to pay for the oil pumps.

“I’ve got around $500 in it, which I pay it off at the end of the month, but the rent is always coming due, so I have to use it up,” Ali told IGN in a recent interview.

“We used to make a living off this, but now we have no money left to keep going.”