You can find out if your tank is ready for oil change by following the steps below: 1.

Open the lid of your tank.


Remove the cap.


Insert the oil change needle into the tank.


Remove from the tank a little at a time, carefully and gently.

If the needle does not come out, it’s too late.


If you don’t notice any oil change when you do, you’ve finished the tank change and have your oil changed.


After you get out of the tank, check to see if there are any oil bubbles in the oil filter.


Check to see how much oil your tank has left.

If there are no bubbles, it will take a bit of time for your tank to be fully refilled.


If it takes more than 1 hour to fully refill your tank, it probably means that you’re still waiting for your oil to be changed.


If your tank shows bubbles in its filter, check your oil filter regularly for any leaks.


If any oil leaks out from the filter, replace it.

If so, you’re done!

If you’ve got any questions about how to use your oil changing equipment, check out our Oil Changing FAQ.