1 of 1 customers found this review helpful I have been searching for the best peppermint oils for a long time and have used them for decades.

My goal has always been to find a peppermint that has a slight peppermint taste that I do not get with most other brands.

I have used various brands and brands of peppermint to find something that I like, something that my family does not like, and something that suits me.

I am a huge fan of the flavor of the peppermint but I always thought that the flavor should be the same whether I am using a natural or synthetic peppermint.

So when I discovered the 5W30 Natural Peppermint Oil, I had to try it!

This blend is very well balanced and does not over-power my skin, it is smooth and light-to-medium-toned with no strong peppermint flavors to speak of.

It does not overpower my skin at all, nor do I have to worry about it leaving a heavy residue on my skin.

I think it is a perfect blend to be used alongside the other natural peppermint blends out there, especially the natural ones that are not labeled as peppermint and do not have a pepper mint flavor.

I use this oil for my face, neck, and chest as well as on my scalp and hair.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a natural peppermint oil and wants to try something new.

5W31 Natural Peppermint Oil Review I have tried 5W32 and 5W33 peppermints and they all do not give me a good balance of flavor.

However, I have found that I prefer the 5w31 to 5w30 because it is more neutral and does more for my skin while still maintaining the natural pepper mint taste.

5w32 peppermint is my absolute favorite, but I have also tried 5w33 and it does not have as good of a balance of taste.

So I have chosen 5w3 to be my comparison and I will go over it with you.

5 w3 peppermint Oil is a light, smooth, medium-to full-bodied oil that is extremely gentle on your skin.

It has a great balance of all the natural ingredients in it, including natural essential oils, which are natural ingredients that have been used for thousands of years to treat skin problems.

The best part of this blend is that it does NOT mask the natural benefits of the natural essential oil in it.

There is a slight sweetness to the peppermints that does not overwhelm my skin and it has a pleasant aroma.

The peppermint essence is also very natural, as it has not been altered from the natural plant and animal ingredients.

I found that the 5 w31 peppermint did not give my skin any harshness, so I feel that the pepper mint essential oil is what gives this blend its perfect balance.

5 W3 Natural Peppermasnt Oil is also light-medium to full-smooth, with very little harshness.

The 5 w30 peppermint has a slightly bitter scent and a slight bitter taste to it.

The taste of this oil is not harsh, but it is not great either, as you get a nice, subtle flavor with just a slight bite.

5wt3 Natural peppermint Oils have a more subtle flavor to them than 5w1.5.

They have a slightly fruity taste to them, and they do not mask the plant-based oils in them.

The difference is that the 10w5 is an oil that I find to be a little harsh, so this is the blend I will be using with my daily face moisturizer.

This blend has been used to mask my skin’s natural oils.

The only difference I have noticed is that this oil does not mask my natural oils, but that it gives them the ability to give you a light-moderate balance.

There are other natural essential and plant-derived oils in this oil that are used to balance out the more harsh oils in the oil.

The 10 w3 natural peppermasnt oil does give you that light, medium, and medium-heavy balance, but you will have to experiment with the strength of the oil and its intensity to find what works for you.

I will also be giving a little more information on how to use this blend in the review.

You will find this blend on Amazon.com as well.

The review is based on a sample purchased from Amazon.

The oil comes in a 10-ounce bottle.